Nonfiction Jumpstart Course

Essential tools specifically designed for the nonfiction writer


Finally, a course that helps you overcome the hurdle of getting started on the book you’ve always dreamt of writing

Nonfiction books outsell novels 5 to 1.

Fictional stories might be more in the spotlight and seem more glamorous.

But it’s obvious that nonfiction has a powerful hold over an audience.

Nonfiction Jumpstart will help you reach the audience waiting to be changed by the power of your story. It contains dozens of lessons that will help you employ storytelling techniques to keep your reader engaged.

And that’s what is terrifying about getting started.

What if no one reads your book?

You pour countless hours into your writing, but it’s all wasted if it never draws the attention of any readers.

Why put in the effort if embarrassment is the outcome?

That’s why it’s so important to find a mentor to encourage you to go for it and have the knowledge to teach you how.

Plenty of successful authors found themselves in the same position you’re in right now…

…Sitting in front of your computer.

…Afraid to get started.

…With a message dangerously close to never being revealed to the world.

But successful authors push through it all.

Let this course be what separates you from all the others that walk away without even trying.

Let’s get you the specific help you need with your nonfiction work.

Nonfiction is tricky—if you relayed the facts alone, your reader would be put to sleep before the end of the first chapter.

Most successful nonfiction writers are great storytellers. They can take the same strategies that work in fiction, combine them with compelling research of their topic, and become experts in their niche.

But how do you get there?

That’s where Nonfiction Jumpstart comes in. This course is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of writing your nonfiction book.

The lessons build off each other to create a clear path to take you from questions to answers.

From the inklings of initial inspiration, to strategies for marketing your finished book, this course is designed to be a complete overview.

Your mentor, 21-time New York Times bestselling author, Jerry Jenkins, may be known for his fiction, but he got his start in nonfiction. As a newspaper journalist, he learned to interview, research, separate fact from fiction, and compile those details into a compelling read.

And he will pass those skills to you through this course.

Your Instructor: Jerry Jenkins

For 50 years, Jerry has used the art of storytelling to communicate life-shifting messages to millions. An insatiable learner, Jenkins’s passion for prose has rendered over 200 books, including the mega-bestselling Left Behind series. 21 of his books have reached the New York Times bestseller list, several of which are nonfiction. Jerry is committed to training the next generation of influential writers. He has helped thousands of writers worldwide finish their manuscripts.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1:

Becoming an Author

  • 7 Things Readers Want and Editors Demand
  • Building a Nonfiction Author's Mindset
  • Deep Dive Into Nonfiction Categories
Hand woman write notebook and holding phone on wood table with cup coffee.

Module 2:

Power Tools for Nonfiction

  • Interview Prep 101
  • Maximizing Your Research
  • On to Chapter 1
  • The Art of the Interview
  • The Big-Picture Plan

Module 3:

Using Fiction Techniques in Your Nonfiction

  • Developing Your Theme
  • Dramatization and Description
  • Nonfiction Story Structure
  • The Power of Dialogue in Nonfiction
  • Using Description in Nonfiction

Module 4:

Writing Personal Stories

  • Creating Effective Memoir Scenes
  • Telling Personal Stories
  • Writing a Memoir

Module 5:

Writing Articles That Sell

  • The Personality Profile
  • The Step-by-Step to Engaging Writing
  • Investigative Articles
  • Using Humor
  • How to Turn Book Chapters into Articles
  • How to Turn Your Articles into Books

Module 6:

Marketing Your Nonfiction

  • Intro: How to Build Your Online Platform
  • Blogging for Authors
  • How to Impress Agents and Editors
  • Queries & Proposals
  • Nonfiction Query Sample
  • The Nonfiction Book Proposal Template

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time for the course?

Don't worry! You'll have lifetime access to every lesson, so feel free to move through the content at your own pace. Although, we highly recommend you finish quickly so you can finish your book!

What's the format of the course?

The course is delivered in a 100% written format without videos—so you can quickly consume these lessons anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What if the course doesn't work for me?

Here's how confident we are that it WILL work for you: If you are disappointed for any reason, just contact us within 30 days of joining and we will give you all your money back, no questions asked.

How Much Is This Information Worth?

Jerry’s taught this information at elite writers conferences with registration fees upwards of $1,000 (plus travel and lodging). He’s also sold extensive study courses with much of this same information for as high as $3,000.

And that’s why he’s so thrilled to make it affordable for ANYONE on any budget today for just $!

The question is, are you ready to invest in your new life as an author? Are you ready to finally do justice to the story burning inside you, so you can avoid a lifetime of wondering, “What if?"

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