Confidence Jumpstart

Confidence Jumpstart Course

Smash through the roadblocks keeping you from writing your book.

An Online Writing Course from 21-Time New York Times Bestselling Author Jerry Jenkins, Author of the Left Behind Series


What if I’m not good enough?
Do I have what it takes to be a writer?
I keep getting stuck, what’s the point in trying anymore?

Even Jerry, with over 60 years of writing experience and 200+ published books, has experienced the crippling self-doubt that plagues many writers. 

Since he’s been there, done that, he knows exactly what it takes to blast through the fear blocking your path. You’ll gain insight into today’s publishing market, refine your creative process, and learn skills that will ignite your confidence—and, most importantly, get writing again.

Even if you’re completely stuck. Even if you don't believe you have the time. Even if you’ve NEVER been happy with a thing you’ve written.

Isn’t it strange?

You want so badly to write a book, but you just can’t.


It's no secret. The process feels like climbing Mount Everest.

Everywhere you turn, another icy incline threatens to keep you from the top:

  • The fear of rejection
  • The battle to stay motivated
  • The failure to create something you’re truly happy with
  • The voice in your head that wonders whether your message is really worth all this trouble

And worse, once you’ve finished, you’ll face the overwhelming business phase of writing, like:

  • The headache of finding a literary agent
  • Getting a publisher to actually accept your manuscript
  • Or navigating the treacherous waters of self-publishing

If only you could focus on the art of writing, and let someone who LIKES that stuff take care of the business side!

But that’s not how it is.

You know if you don’t do something, no one will read your book. But you don’t know what to do. So you wind up doing nothing.

The worst part? Weeks of doing nothing turn into months and eventually years—and your dream of finally writing a book becomes just a painful memory.

It’s time to get off the fence and write.

In this course, 21-time New York Times bestselling author Jerry Jenkins reveals his proven plan for overcoming doubt and finishing your book.

It’s designed to do exactly what it’s named after—give you the spark you need to gain the confidence to write consistently.

You’ll get 14 strategic lessons, 7 carefully crafted assignments, and 32 recommended resources to help you scale the mountain with renewed confidence.

Confidence Jumpstart Class Curriculum:

Module 1:

How to Crush Your Writing Fears

Overcome procrastination and start writing now

  • An encouraging letter from Jerry—one writer to another
  • Assignment: Slay Your Writing Dragons
  • How to recognize your biggest writing obstacles and overcome them
  • Setting achievable and realistic writing goals that help you actually finish
Confidence 1
Confidence Day 2

Module 2:

Mastering the Publishing Landscape

Gain confidence writing in today’s unique market

  • How your writing “why” can make or break your ability to reach your sacred deadline
  • 20 truths writers should never forget (but sometimes do)
  • The inside scoop on 21st century book publishing
  • Fiction vs. nonfiction: what you need to know about your chosen market
  • Insight on if you need an agent and the process of finding one
  • How to get published now—even if you’re still drafting your manuscript
  • Writing query letters that open doors

Module 3:

Power Skills for Writers

Season your writing with effective research

  • How to use careful research to make your story come alive
  • Which research tools are essential to keep in your arsenal
  • How to use strategic reading to make your writing shine
Confidence 3
Confidence 4

Module 4:

Getting Your Work Ready to Show Agents and Publishers

Stand out from the competition with professionally-polished work

  • How to format like a pro for an editor-ready manuscript
  • Key grammar rules to remember
  • Thick-skinned advice to make your writing more engaging

Your Bonus Course:

Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique

Normal Value: $99
With Confidence Jumpstart: $99 FREE

An editor can tell within the first two pages whether your novel is worth reading further.

How do they know? By the quality and the clarity of your writing. Unless your manuscript grabs them by the throat immediately and hangs on, it's going straight into the reject pile.

It's time to become a ferocious self-editor and transform your writing forever.

In this intensive three-hour workshop, Jerry Jenkins reveals his proven process for editing your novel so you can get an editor hooked from the first page.

You’ll get to look over Jerry’s shoulder and see exactly how he edits, and more importantly, WHY it works better.

Plus, you’ll get the before-and-after copies of each of the 10 manuscripts that Jerry edits so you can see how he did it.

After experiencing the Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Write a spellbinding opener that grabs your reader by the throat
  • Spot redundancies, clichés, and common errors from a mile away
  • Supercharge your novel with Jerry's ferocious self-editing secrets
  • Make every word count so readers keep turning those pages
  • Self-edit your writing the way Jerry does his own novels
  • Finish your novel, applying the best principles of powerful writing
  • Send your manuscript to publishers with confidence

This editing course will help you hone your writing skills and craft prose editors will want to read!

A No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't LOVE this program up to 30 days after joining (for ANY reason), send one email and you'll get every penny back promptly, with no hassle.

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What People Are Saying:

“I loved it all! And I’ve already finished my manuscript! I doubt I'd have had the courage to complete my manuscript without the tools your course provided.”

Tere Belcher
Sandy, OR

“One of the most valuable things I learned was that others struggle with feelings of inadequacy when faced with the daunting task of writing a book. [The course] has helped to instill in me drive and godly ambition toward reaching my writing goals. And I’ve already finished my manuscript! Thank you, Jerry, for your passion to mentor writers like myself.“

Tom Toya
Carol Stream, IL

“The encouragement from the course was my favorite part. Give yourself time and you can do it. You can type or write even if you’re not well—even with a stroke. I plan to complete my manuscript within 3 months.”

Frances B. Dorward
Etowah, TN

“I write every day for a newspaper plus my creative writing projects. I plan to complete my manuscript within the next 3 months.

“I have more confidence as a writer now. When I get compliments, I thank them for reading our local newspaper and thank God for this experience and platform to praise Him. I'm very grateful for the "new to me" authors I'm reading now and for the opportunity to learn from Jerry Jenkins!!!”

Donna Braymer
Harrison, AR

“I’m writing both fiction and nonfiction, and I plan to finish one manuscript within the next 3 months. I’ve learned that writing demands more than just getting published. My favorite part of the course was sharing thoughts and ideas with others. I realized that many others are in the same boat as me, and that I can write to affect other lives.

“This course was a blessing and encouragement that I would recommend to anyone pursuing writing.”

Frances Wilson
Ottawa, ON Canada

“My favorite part of the course was fulfilling the assignments. They helped me realize that I need to find what motivates me to write and not to worry about the rest. I feel more confident, even when the great demon, Procrastination, holds me back.”

Phyllis Jacobs
Chehalis, WA

Is Confidence Jumpstart Worth the Price?

Jerry teaches this at elite writers conferences with registration fees of up to $2,000 (plus travel and lodging). He’s also sold extensive study courses with much of this same information for as high as $3,000.

If you enrolled in both The Confidence Jumpstart workshop and The Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique workshop, you would normally pay $228.

But if you join The Confidence Jumpstart, you'll get this course for $129.

The question is, are you ready to invest in your new life as an author?

Are you ready to finally do justice to the story burning inside you, so you can avoid a lifetime of wondering, “What if?"

If you’re dreaming of writing a book but have allowed self-doubt to sneak in and kill your motivation, enrolling in Confidence Jumpstart can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to jump on this remarkable opportunity now, just click the “enroll in course" button below, fully protected by Jerry’s 30-day money-back guarantee:

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A No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't LOVE this program up to 30 days after joining (for ANY reason), send one email and you'll get every penny back promptly, with no hassle.