Anatomy of a Bestselling Story

Anatomy of a Bestselling Story

In this recording of a LIVE online workshop, you'll discover the surprising secrets that make readers obsess over compelling stories—and you'll find out exactly how to use them to make your own novel irresistible!


The Secrets of Powerful Storytelling Finally Revealed in This Intensive Workshop


That's the sound of a reader putting down your book, never to pick it up again.

Why did she put it down and forget about it forever?

Because she "couldn't get into the story."

Without knowing how to emotionally move your reader, it's impossible to get the results you're capable of with your writing.

The success of your novel depends on your ability to tell not just a great story, but one that's emotionally gripping.

Here's the good news: powerful storytelling doesn't result from luck or genetics. It comes from knowing how to do it!

And that's why Jerry Jenkins is offering his brand new online writers workshop, Anatomy of a Bestselling Story—to give you the tools to ensure your novel is every bit as powerful as you envision it.

In this crash course, which was recorded LIVE, you'll discover the patterns Jerry has seen in bestselling books (including his own bestsellers), as well as the no-no's that will land your manuscript in the publisher's reject pile.

The goal? To help you supercharge your story—to where you're absolutely thrilled with its new direction. 

This online fast-track workshop consists of a three-hour session including a full hour of live Q&A—where Jerry answers exactly what writers like YOU ask!

(You will also have lifetime access to the full training program.)

By the end of this power-packed session, you'll have everything you need to either begin or completely rework your novel immediately!

The topics Jerry covers:


A Deep Dive into Story Structures

Discover the Best Story Foundation for Your Novel, and Learn the Secrets to Building It Effectively

  • How to take advantage of Dean Koontz's proven "Classic Story Structure" to hook your readers from the get-go (even if you're not an outliner).
  • An overview of Randy Ingermanson's popular "Snowflake Method" of outlining your novel.
  • Why even those of us who write by the seat of our pants need SOME structure (and exactly how to create it).
  • Other exceptionally effective structures and tools for outliners and "pantsers."
  • AND...the answers to specific questions from writers like YOU!


Creating Compelling Characters

How to Fully Engross Your Reader in the Stars of Your Story

  • What really sets apart the characters in bestselling stories.
  • The secret to successful character development (why character arc is so important, and how to get it right).
  • How to make readers see themselves in your characters—the most powerful way to engage your audience.
  • Walking the treacherous tightrope of "backstory"—what to reveal, how much, and when (so it enhances your story rather than grinds it to a halt).
  • How to achieve plausibility through character motivation.
  • AND...the answers to specific questions from writers like YOU!


Weaving in a Thread of Romance

The Importance of a Powerful Love Story in Your Novel

  • The #1 mistake that ruins a novel's romance.
  • 3 overused elements that have become love story clichés.
  • Jerry's top do's and don'ts for developing lovers' relationships that captivate your readers.
  • AND...the answers to specific questions from writers like YOU!


Writing High-Energy Scenes Readers Can't Forget

How to Raise the Stakes and Make Your Scenes Crackle

  • The #1 thing you MUST do to invest your reader in high-stakes situations. (HINT: make them care first!)
  • How to ramp up the energy and make your reader nervous, excited, and word choice alone.
  • The secret of powerful word pictures to instantly tap into your reader's emotions.
  • AND...the answers to specific questions from writers like YOU!


Nailing the Beginning, Middle, and End

How to Keep Your Novel White-Hot All the Way to the Last Page

  • How to hook your readers from the first line and keep them hopelessly invested all the way.
  • The essential guide to surviving the "Marathon of the Middle" (what separates the pros from the pretenders).
  • How to write an unforgettable ending that turns your readers into ravenous superfans...making them human billboards for your novel.
  • AND...the answers to specific questions from writers like YOU!

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You'll Also Be Getting These Benefits:

When you join Jerry for the training, you'll get more than just the 180-minute fast-track session—you'll also receive these perks:

Perk #1

Dedicated Attention from the Jerry Jenkins Team

Worried you won't get enough out of the program? Worry no more! Just email your concerns directly to the Jerry Jenkins Team and they'll help you put the information to work in your unique situation.

Perk #2

You Win...or You Win. A No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't LOVE this program after the first training session (for ANY reason), send one email, and you'll get every penny back promptly, with no hassle.

A No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

If you don't LOVE this program up to 30 days after joining (for ANY reason), send one email and you'll get every penny back promptly, with no hassle.


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